supreme court of azad jammu & kashmir muzaffarabad
cause list
friday the 22nd day of september, 2017 at 9.00 a.m.

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Mr. Justice Ch. Muhammad Ibrahim Zia, HCJ.

1) Crim. PLA No.16 /17 For Arguments Muhammad Shafique Khan
Ehtesab Bureau
Kh. Imtiaz Ahmed

2) Civil PLA No.373 /17 For Arguments Muhammad Tariq Ameen
Azad Government & others
Raja Gul Majeed Khan

3) Civil Misc. No.266 /17 For Proper Orders Inspector General Police & others
Wajid Khalil
Raja Ikhlaq Hussain Kiani, Add. Advocate General

4) Civil Misc. No.274 /17 For Arguments Muhammad Ajaz Khan
Azad Govt & others
Mr. Jamshaid Ahmed Butt