Bench Schedule

22 January 2018
20 November 201730 November 2017Mirpur
30 October 201718 November 2017Muzaffarabad
16 October 201727 October 2017Mirpur
01 August 201703 August 2017Rawalakot
10 July 201714 July 2017Muzaffarabad
03 July 201707 July 2017Mirpur
19 June 201730 June 2017Muzaffarabad
12 June 201716 June 2017Mirpur
28 May 201709 June 2017Muzaffarabad
22 May 201726 May 2017Mirpur
06 May 201720 May 2017Muzaffarabad
02 May 201705 May 2017Rawalakot
17 April 201728 April 2017Mirpur
02 April 201715 April 2017Muzaffarabad
27 March 201731 March 2017Mirpur
06 March 201724 March 2017Muzaffarabad
27 February 201703 March 2017Mirpur
08 February 201724 February 2017Muzaffarabad
06 February 201707 February 2017Rawalakot
23 January 201703 February 2017Mirpur
09 January 201720 January 2017Muzaffarabad
20th of June 20161st of July 2016Mirpur
6th of June 201617th of June 2016Muzaffarabad
30th of May 20162nd of June 2016Rawalakot
23rd of May 201627th of May 2016Mirpur
2nd of May 201620th of May 2016Muzaffarabad
17th of April 201629th of April 2016Mirpur
5th of April 201615th of April 2016Muzaffarabad
21st of March 20161st of April 2016Mirpur
7th of March 201618th ofMarch 2016Muzaffarabad
22nd February 20164th March 2016Mirpur
1st of February 201619th of February 2016Muzaffarabad
18th of January 2016 29th of January 2016Mirpur
11th of January 201616th of January 2016Muzaffarabad
21st of December 201523rd of December 2015Muzaffarabad
14th of December 201518th of December 2015Mirpur
30th of November 201511th of December 2015Muzaffarabad
16th of November 201528th of November 2015Mirpur
2nd of November 201513th of November 2015Muzaffarabad
19th of October 201530th of October 2015Mirpur
5th of October 201518th of October 2015Muzaffarabad
14th of September 201518th of September 2015Muzaffarabad(Vocation Judge)
31st of August 201511th of September 2015Mirpur (Vocation Judge)
22nd of August 201528th of August 2015Muzaffarabad(Vocation Judge)
20th August 201521st August 2015Rawalakot (Vocation Judge)
3rd August 201528th August 2015Mirpur (Vocation Judge)
3rd August 201513th August 2015Muzaffarabad(Vocation Judge)
6th July 201530th July 2015Mirpur
29th June 201504th July 2015Muzaffarabad
15th June 201526th June 2015Mirpur
30th May 201514th June 2015Muzaffarabad
25th May 201529th May 2015Mirpur
18th May 201523rd May 2015Rawalakot
4th May 201516th May 2015Muzaffarabad
20th April 20153rd May 2015Mirpur
30th March 201519th April 2015Muzaffarabad
16th March 201529th March 2015Mirpur
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